At Tree of Life Play + Cafe our mission is to provide the space for our community to gather + connect while little ones explore our innovative play area. 


Beyond the walls of our play + cafe, as a Christian owned business we strive to be active in our community by supporting other small businesses, teaming up with organizations + creating community partnerships that directly support all families in our local community. We thrive on serving others and are continuing to grow our initiative.

Our indoor play area  is multi-level with tunnels, a slide, ball pit, trampoline, crawlers area, imaginative play and more great for friends 5 and under or 46" and below. We have two interactive floor games sure to keep your little one active and entertained!

*Please note our play area is on the second floor without 

elevator access. 

As a wife + mom of four boys Borah desired to create a place that both parents + kids would enjoy. Creating the space with the idea that all feel welcome to gather + connect fuels the cafes purpose.


It was during the time Borah sat on the Board for a local non-profit, IGNITE Our City that she realized our community's greatest needs. Developing partnerships with other small businesses + organizations that support the community in need is an important aspect beyond the four walls of the cafe. 

Tree of Life Play + Cafe was dreamt up by a tired mom of four energetic boys wanting to provide a place for others to feel welcomed + valued. Each decision is carefully thought out + prayed for, to bring joy to those who faithfully support us.